Greater Berea Missionary Baptist Church - Where we walk by faith and not by sight
  Our History
The Berea Missionary Baptist Church was established in June of 1964 by the late Rev. Joseph Toles Sr., at a storefront on 7th Ave for one year, then later moved to have service at the old YMCA building on 14th and 58th St. The church stayed there for 2years and then moved to 79th St and 15th Ave (across from our present location), we stayed there for five years, and then purchased the property at 7831 NW 15th Ave and moved to our present location.
Under the leadership of the late Rev. Joseph Toles Sr., Berea Missionary Baptist Church purchased several properties in hope of furthering the ministry of the church; he was a great leader and had many men to become ministers and pastors of various churches in Miami, because of his influence in their walk with God. He continue to pastor another nineteen years before he past away on April 27, 1992.Three months later the Rev. Joseph Toles Jr. became the next pastor (presently serving) of Berea Missionary Baptist Church where the church has continued to strive.
Under the leadership of Rev. Joseph Toles Jr. Berea Missionary Baptist Church has made great improvements to our present building and we are presently in the midst of having our plans drawn for our new place of worship. In December of 2010 through prayer and confirmation the name was changed to Greater Berea Missionary Baptist Church. With the help of God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we are looking for great things in the year of 2011. We are praying that this time next year we will be in our new place of worship!